Do you have a web, game, music, or other digital product idea and you need some help reaching the finish line? Piacular is an independent audio producer available for all your creative audio needs. I pride myself on both the technical knowledge and hands on experience for audio production. With ten years of experience producing, I can bring a high level of professionalism and ingenuity to your project. I am a one man army in all aspects audio.


The early 2018s Lo-Fi music became extreamly popular in the live 24/7 streams on YouTube. I made this track because I wanted to become part of the streams and of cores that I was not left out.

LO_FI 3:35


This is one of my first singles, I hope that you enjoy it. There's a lot of things that could be change that I know have gotten better at over the years, but I think I will leave it in its imperfection stage so that I can look back and say this is where I was, and this is where I'm going type situation.

High Fructose Fodder 2:19


This song was made after my first single high-fructose. This by far is one of the most popular songs that I have released. I haven't advertised this song as much as I should but I also feel that I can do better. And so, therefore, I'm just kind of leaving this on the back burner for now.

Hollow Point 2:47


This is a demo song that hasn't been released yet. I started it early 2018. I haven't finished it yet and I hope to finish it this year in 2019. if it's not done by then It could very well be a single release in 2020.

Misty 3:39


Soft Satan was originally supposed to commemorate the first release of my serum presets sample pack. It was a very well done song. But it wasn't really well-received probably because it wasn't pushed out or promoted as much as it could have been. should have focused more on marketing than producing.



Start again, came out a little high pitched in the mix. the Feel that it gives you is a kind of pumping effect. But also that didn't turn out as well as I hoped either.